Mirage House

Just outside of Palm Springs, California, sits a ranch-style house clad entirely in mirrors. Here, Redondo Beach-born Aitken talks about […]


Inspiring Sculptures

There are several types of sculptures. Classic types, abstract and modernised types and inspirational types. The purpose of most statues […]


The Botanists Bar

Botanist by Alberto Caiola draws on the menu of innovative plant-based cocktails for interiors to engage the senses. Located at […]


The Dance Floor

Thousands of golden footsteps spill down the road in a mosaic-like floor in Jean Verville‘s latest installation for the Montreal […]


Drip Drop

Everyone’s heard it before. That incredibly annoying sound of a leaky faucet, when all you want to do right now […]


Moleskine 2.0

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set Moleskine unveils a specially designed notebook, pen, and app that work in tandem to instantly […]


Forest of light

COS x sou fujimoto creates immersive forest of light during milan design week Marking the fifth year in which COS […]


Turtle Cam

Sony’s action cam is a great gadget for all outdoor afficionados and action fans. The cam records fast and dynamic […]


Light Plants

As urban gardening, an ecological and sustainable lifestyle become more present in today’s way of life, nui studio has come […]


Réinventer Paris

Réinventer Paris is an initiative that aims to develop innovative urban projects within the French capital. Named ‘Porte des Ternes’, […]


Visual perceptive media

Personalized film adjusts to the viewer’s taste BBC launches Visual Perceptive Media, presenting different versions of the same film, which […]


King for a day

Three Kings Cake is actually more a sweet bread that is similar to Zopf bread Swiss people eat on Sundays. […]



„Glasses are expensive and often mediocre mass-produced goods from the Far East. We believe this needs to change and therefore […]


Tropical Paper Jungle

French artist and paper designer Mlle Hipolyte has recreated a ‘tropical jungle’ using pieces of vibrantly colored paper, cut entirely […]


TOC Vertical Record Player

‘TOC’ was created with two main aspects in mind: easy use with a clean and simple design. It works with a linear tracking system to capture the […]

Wave Cabinet

Coolest cabinet ever made? If you answered “yes” you are correct. Otherwise you are probably incorrect. The Wave Cabinet by […]


Look Up

A five-minute spoken word film urging people to unplug from smartphones and social media has, ironically, taken the internet by […]


Valek Rolling Pins

Polish designer Zuzia Zuber designed a series of rolling-pins with funny patterns, which help you to prepare freaks cookies. Decorated with geometric […]


Cracked Log Lamps

Designer Duncan Meerding, based in Tasmania designed theses amazing Cracked Log Lamps. The Cracked Log Lamps are made from salvaged […]


Green ghost town

Shengsi, an archipelago of almost 400 islands at the mouth of China’s Yangtze river, holds a secret shrouded in time […]


Simon Pictures

Simon Zangger, a Swiss photographer and cinematographer, was born in 1990 in Zurich. After an apprenticeship at a specialised photo […]