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Drip Drop

Everyone’s heard it before. That incredibly annoying sound of a leaky faucet, when all you want to do right now […]


Turtle Cam

Sony’s action cam is a great gadget for all outdoor afficionados and action fans. The cam records fast and dynamic […]


King for a day

Three Kings Cake is actually more a sweet bread that is similar to Zopf bread Swiss people eat on Sundays. […]


Tropical Paper Jungle

French artist and paper designer Mlle Hipolyte has recreated a ‘tropical jungle’ using pieces of vibrantly colored paper, cut entirely […]

Wave Cabinet

Coolest cabinet ever made? If you answered “yes” you are correct. Otherwise you are probably incorrect. The Wave Cabinet by […]


Cracked Log Lamps

Designer Duncan Meerding, based in Tasmania designed theses amazing Cracked Log Lamps. The Cracked Log Lamps are made from salvaged […]



A series of light fixtures that combines technology with tradition; knitting wool threads in fixed patterns creates a three-dimensional sheet […]



Ilustrattions made on the covers of fashion magazines using sharpie and DecoColor pens. Each cover is unique. by Ana Strumpf […]



Take a seat ! Das Projekt «Take a seat» wurde von Aekae (Fabrice Aeberhard & Christian Kaegi) im April 2009 […]


360 Volt

Need a new lamp? Why not get an old one. 360volt specialized in vintage factory, enamel and industrial lamps. All […]


CITIx60 City Guide

Whether it’s a one-day stopover or a longer trip, CITIx60 City Guide is your inspirational travel advisor. Initiated and edited by […]


Music to your ears?

The Seaboard is a radically new musical instrument that reimagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface. The Seaboard’s […]


1000 colours

Clemens Habicht’s 1000 COLOURS is a CMYK colour gamut jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces. Each tile is an individual colour […]


A bike in a box

It all began in 2006 when Bleijh industrial design studio competed in the International Bicycle Design Competition in Taiwan. Bleijh’s […]


Email in Real Life

These two hilariously brilliant commercials for Solarwinds imagine what the world would be like if people behave the same way […]

pencil lampe

A shiny pencil

Designers from London Michael & George had the extravagant idea to imagine a lamp in the form of a giant […]

selfie burger

Selfies on burgers

Selfies are everywhere! Now, they even appear on burgers. What a funny marketing idea of Hellmann’s Mayo! Watch the video […]


Emoji Among Us

We all know them and we love them: Emoji. They have even become an inescapable part of our daily lives. […]


Energy Is Everywhere!

What a great idea: The „Sustainable Dance Floor“ created by energy floors doesn’t just light up—it generates electricity as you […]


Design goes Food

Peddy Mergui’s „Wheat ist Wheat is Wheat“ exhibition combines two elements, which normally don’t go together: design and food. It […]

upside down umbrella

Upside Down Umbrella

Some complain about rain, others use it for design inspiration.The ‚unbrella‘ by h concept works in reverse + stands freely. […]

food map italy

Food Maps

„Food maps….. These food maps created by Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves originally were inspired by a passion for travel. […]