Connecting cross country with a line

Created especially for Station to Station, Olafur Eliasson’s drawing machine Connecting cross country with a line, 2013, sketched a series of drawings as the train made its way, cross-country, through the United States of America. The drawing machine, reminiscent of a large wooden trunk with a circular tray suspended on top by springs, required no power to operate. The drawings were made by an ink-coated obsidian ball, which rolled around the tray as the railcar sped through the landscape. When a drawing was finished, the paper was removed from the machine and inscribed with the number of the drawing and the place and date of its execution. The person operating the machine decided subjectively when to initiate a drawing, responding to the lay of the land; the rocking, lurching, and pitching of the railcar; or the name of the immediate vicinity.

Artwork-in-Train-made-by-the-Land2-640x427 Artwork-in-Train-made-by-the-Land3-640x427 Artwork-in-Train-made-by-the-Land6-640x624 Artwork-in-Train-made-by-the-Land5-640x617

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