Secret Underwater Ballroom

These incredible images show what lies beneath a seemingly normal lake in the Whitley Estate in Berkshire. The only clue on the surface of the water being a statue of Neptune which guards the wondrous secret within. The extravagant estate was built in the 1800s by businessman Whitaker Wright, who was convicted of fraud after many years of floating bad loans and swindling investors. Wright was convicted for fraud in 1904, but took his own life via cyanide pill on the day of his sentencing. Legend has it the entire estate was drenched in opulence and extravagance. Now owned by entrepreneur Gary Steele the ballroom sadly lies empty. We can only imagine the kinds of epic parties that went down beneath the water.

Old-Secret-Ballroom-Found-Underwater-1 Old-Secret-Ballroom-Found-Underwater-2 Old-Secret-Ballroom-Found-Underwater-5 Old-Secret-Ballroom-Found-Underwater-6 Old-Secret-Ballroom-Found-Underwater-7 Old-Secret-Ballroom-Found-Underwater-8 Old-Secret-Ballroom-Found-Underwater-9 Old-Secret-Ballroom-Found-Underwater-10 Old-Secret-Ballroom-Found-Underwater-11

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