„Swings“ by Philippe Malouin

Designer Philippe Malouin created a whimsical, interactive installation for Caesarstone at this month’s IDS Toronto. Swings is a circular structure composed of 12 swings that toy with the idea of merging play and contemporary art. The minimalist, monolithic structure feels sculptural and adult while at the same time referencing childhood memories of swinging.

Swings-for-Caesarstone-IDS-2015-Philippe-Malouin-2-600x338 Swings-for-Caesarstone-IDS-2015-Philippe-Malouin-3-Vicky-Lam-600x900 Swings-for-Caesarstone-IDS-2015-Philippe-Malouin-4-600x385 Swings-for-Caesarstone-IDS-2015-Philippe-Malouin-5-600x400

Photos by Vicky Lam

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