Crazy Swing at La Casa del Arbol

It’s called the Swing at the End of the World and it could literally be the end of you, as this extreme attraction in the mountains of Ecuador lets thrill-seekers swing over an abyss without any safety measures whatsoever.

The-Crazy-Swing-At-Casa-Del-Arbol-1 The-Crazy-Swing-At-Casa-Del-Arbol-2 The-Crazy-Swing-At-Casa-Del-Arbol-3 The-Crazy-Swing-At-Casa-Del-Arbol-4 The-Crazy-Swing-At-Casa-Del-Arbol-5 The-Crazy-Swing-At-Casa-Del-Arbol-6 The-Crazy-Swing-At-Casa-Del-Arbol-11

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