Rubik’s Cubes Art

Cube Works Studio has become world renowned for our work twisting Rubik’s cubes and Rubik’s-style cubes into stunning, cutting-edge works of art. As a small collaborative of specialized talents, their studio is focused on pushing the boundaries of modern art using the brightly-coloured cubes as a distinct and universally identifiable medium.

Rubiks_Cube_Mosaic_Art_by_Cube_Works_2015_13Rubiks_Cube_Mosaic_Art_by_Cube_Works_2015_16 Rubiks_Cube_Mosaic_Art_by_Cube_Works_2015_09 Rubiks_Cube_Mosaic_Art_by_Cube_Works_2015_17Rubiks_Cube_Mosaic_Art_by_Cube_Works_2015_01 Rubiks_Cube_Mosaic_Art_by_Cube_Works_2015_08

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