3D Printed Faucets

A whole new era of fixtures is here: 3D printed faucets. DXV by American Standard is taking it to the next level with their brand new creative faucet designs created with 3D printing technology. Using selective laser sintering, each faucet takes about 24 hours to be printed out of solid metal. It is then hand-finished to create a more polished look.

Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_one_water-3-600x600 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_one_water-2-600x759 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_one_water-4-600x853 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_two_water-1-600x450 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_two_water-3-600x779 Ams_DXV_3D_faucet_three_water-2-600x400

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