Kellogg’s Cereal Redesign Project

California-based graphic designer Mun Joo Jane has recently refreshed the packaging of the Kellogg’s – “Special K” cereals in a very creative, aesthetic and more mature redesign.

Mun Joo Kim About Project:

The overview of my packaging was to come up with a design, not for children, but for adults. We are no longer children so we should design a mature packaging than the original. The reason why I chose Special K is because I had an urge to change this brand into a unisex design. Secondly, I had to choose an appropriate cereal that is suitable for adults because “cheerios” or “trix” would be for children. The challenge of this project was to get out of the stereotype packaging of cereal box. I explored many shapes and came up with two ideas. In dilemma, I have decided to go with both concept.

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