Sustainable 3D-printed cars

Local Motors is revolutionizing the car industry by producing infinitely recyclable, 3D printed motor vehicles.

The LM3D model, built in partnership with IBM Watson, Sieman’s Solid Edge, IDEO and SABIC, currently has 75 percent 3D printed parts from a blend of ABS plastic carbon fiber. Designed with current and future IoT networks in mind, the LM3D will have smart, inbuilt hardware and software. With sustainability at the core of the design, parts can be manufactured directly from digital files at ‘Microfactories’, reducing the costs and carbon footprint associated with molding, casting and machine use. Users could recycle parts indefinitely, replacing damaged bodywork or upgrading as newer parts are developed — the idea is that owners would only need to buy one basic car body for a lifetime. Local Motors will launch a crowdfunding campaign in 2016, and continue development towards a 90 percent 3D printed car, with safety standards that exceed current guidelines.

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