„Time is TIME“ by Citizen

We’ve already been lucky to experience a more compact format of Citizen’s „Time is Time“ installation at Basel World 2015. The simple way of communicating the essential element of every timepiece and thus conveying the fundamental functionality and purpose to its audience, makes this installation truly extraordinary.

For the Milan Design Week 2016, Citizen has teamed up with Paris-based architect Tsuyoshi Tane from DGT Architects to realize an immersive installation that explores the idea of time, by using approximately 120,000 main plates. According to the brand the “time is TIME” this installation will explore the notion of “time” from a variety of angles— how the universe, earth, living creatures, mankind, life and society—are all linked to “time.” It will also exhibit various forms of “time,” that demonstrate different motions through mechanical and electronic movements.c1 c2 c3 c5 c6 c8 c7c9

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