Amorphous Installation by AGC Asahi Glass

Japanese company AGC Asahi Glass created an immersive glass installation titled Amorphous, showcasing a “light, flexible and expressive” glass world that will dramatically change the conventional image of glass.

Around 5,000 pieces of thin, chemically strengthened glass developed using AGC’s cutting-edge technology are used to create the “Amorphous” installation.


Glass is a material that you come across every day. The installation reveals the incredibly rich and complex microcosm inside glass using the latest glass technology and a beautiful interplay of light. As your gaze glides over each piece of thin, chemically strengthened glass dancing in the space, you will be amazed by its rich, expressive appearance, which comes from being finished with the latest technology to create a wide range of textures.


Every angle reveals a different hue, and every surface beautifully reflects the light. Though you can clearly see your own reflection in it as though looking in a mirror, you can also see through it to admire the scenery on the other side. This gigantic model of glass’s molecular structure is a showcase filled with futuristic glass technology. Light, wind, and music newly composed for this exhibition go together to create a fantastic space that immerses the viewer in the Amorphous.


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