Patterns in architecture

Patterns are always fascinating and when you mix that recipe into architecture, things can get quite interesting.

Dirk Bakker (a.k.a. macenzo) is a talented photographer and graphic designer with a unique eye for patterns, textures, lines and shadow play. Currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, he shares his finds with followers and fellow pattern enthusiasts via his Instagram account.

Dirk-Bakker10-800x800Dirk-Bakker3-800x800Dirk-Bakker33 Dirk-Bakker2-800x800 Dirk-Bakker Dirk-Bakker22 Dirk-Bakker4-800x800 Dirk-Bakker5-800x800 Dirk-Bakker6-800x800 Dirk-Bakker7-800x800


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