Airborne Hammock Shelter

Camping just entered a new dimension. Literally.

Suspended camping is becoming more popular amongst adventure campers. Inspired by Star Wars Ewok Tree Village, Tentsile Tree Tents have come up with a new way for campers to experience ultimate freedom while camping. Tentsile combines the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security and multi-person-occupancy of a tent and will literally take your camping experience to a new level!home-slider-slide-5 skjtqwa Tentsile-Stingray-Tree-Tent-5-1200x779

Keeping users safe from all that creeps and crawls on the ground, it also keeps you dry and hanging comfortably while using it. Experiencing nature has never been more fun with this tripodesque tent and for every sold tent, 3 trees are planted in a reforestation plan with WeForest.

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