„Null Stern – the only star is you“

This summer the Null Stern Hotel, holiday accommodation in art form, opens its only room, without walls or a ceiling, beneath the sky on a mountain-side in the Grisons, Switzerland.

Twins as well as conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin, came up with the idea for what they call „Null Stern Hotels“, which is German for „Zero Star Hotels“.

Zero Star Hotel

The double „room“ is bookable on a seasonal basis from CHF 200 per night. In this fee included is a butler, who will also be on hand to serve warming shots of Röteli, a liqueur from the Grisons, and cuts of saucisson. There is no bathroom, as such, but guests can use facilities at a public bathroom 10 minutes from the bed.


Null Stern Hotel – where the essence of hospitality can be expressed and experienced

Mission Statement
Null Stern Hotel – where the only star is you

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