An Art Exhibition For Dogs? But Of Course!

The More Than insurance company commissioned British designer Dominic Wilcox to create a contemporary art exhibit for dogs. It is part of an ongoing effort by the company to improve the physical and mental health of dogs by encouraging people to play with them more.

One goal was the development of an exhibit like those in the best science and children’s museums that stimulate visitors and entice them to interact with the displays. Another part of Wilcox’s assignment was to come up with an exhibit that would fit in at any of the world’s best museums of modern and contemporary art. We would say mission completed.



A dog basks in the air of its favourite scents, old shoe, meat and dog food, while sitting in a car mockup.




A frisbee bounces accross a TV screen, closely followed by an enthusiastic dog.



A dog’s dream come true- diving into a massive bowl of dog kebble.




Incredulous dogs stand on the edge of said giga dog bowl.


A serious looking pup stares into the surrealistic painting of meat clubs in the landscape.

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