Time travel done easy

Ever stepped into a place and felt like you were entering a different aera? A time long past or even feel like you were part of story? N0? Enter the Atlas Bar.


This art deco inspired venue will make you stop dead in your tracks with awe, as it features such attention to detail and grandeur you will feel thrown back a couple of decades and expect Jay Gatsby for cocktails at the bar.


Apart from it’s great visual appeal, the bar features a carefully curated selection of over a 1’000 gin’s, the focal point of the bar towering high into the venue.


But what would an art deco and roaring 20s inspired bar be without Champagne? Correct. The private Rosé Champagne room offers a tantalizing list of 250 Champagnes sure to satisfy the most demanding Connoisseur.

Ready to visit yet?



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