„Everything is constantly changing. New fashion, new cars, new theories, new wars. But if you look closer at the latest stuff, it seems like it has been there before – it just came in a different wrapping. Vintage design? Is a remix. A sequel to a sucessful movie? Is a remix. Right wing turn in european countries? DIY-Culture? Social Media? They are all remixes. In other words: all innovations and concepts are actually re-combinations of existing things and ideas. The future will be the same, but different.

So what are the ingredients of the future? Which existing things and concepts will be remixed in 2023?
 For my story I extracted 222 key words that were often used in trend research publications 2013 when describing the future – words like YOGA, DRONE, VIRAL or GREEN. Then I arranged these demixed words on 40 combicubes and started remixing the future.“ Roman Tschäppeler


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